Woodturning Gallery

Woodturning Gallery



Lace makers globe

The glass lens would be filled with melted snow so that there would be no limescale in the water.  Then the height of the candle would be adjusted to get the beam onto the lace pillow so that the lace maker could see to work.


Three lidded pots made from Oak.

Natural edged pot made from Yew

A goblet with three captive rings.  

The top and base made from Sapele and the stem made from Holly

Pestle and Mortar

Mortar made from Oak and the pestle face is Oak and the handle is Sapele

A Taazza

Top and base made from Oak the stem unknown wood found in my log store

Hollow Form

Made from Sapele, the body was cut in half at the middle line then hollowed out both halves then glued back together and finished.

Off centered bowl

Made from Cedar. Outer turned first then held in a jam chuck and the top edge turned.

Potpourri pot

Made from an unknown hardwood

Russian dolls nested boxes

Laminated Sapele and Ramin small one has four sections and the large one nine sections

Lidded pot

Laminated Sapele and Ramin 16 sections

Three Mushrooms

Made from Yew using the natural edge

Earring stand

Oak base Teak stem  Yew top and  Vambona finial


Set of six Napkin rings

Lots of different woods.

Hollow form 

Made from Sapele, the body was cut in half at the middle line then hollowed out both halves the glued back together and finished

Vase with a square base

Made from Beech


Made from Beech

Vase with natural edge

Made from Beech

Candle stick

Made from Beech


Picture frame

Made from an old Teak shop counter


Oil feed candle holder

Teak base, this was the waste wood from the picture frame  above

Picture frame

Spalted Beech


A set of 7 nested lidded boxes

The smallest lidded box is just 2mm in diameter



A acorn trinket box, the lid is made from Sapele and the body from Box wood.

A platter with a decorated rim.

Made from Idigbo with a dyed edge the gilded pattern

Yo-Yo made from Pine using a coloured pencil as the centre shaft


Hollow form trinket box with a coloured lid made from Idigbo.


A goblet with three captive rings

A pair of lidded pots in Sapele with holly finial.
A nice piece of spalted beach.
This is the largest platter I have ever turned it is 18 inches (460mm) in diameter made from maple.