Far East

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The 035-350 Far East trip


Spectrum Cruises

We flew from Manchester on the 24 February 2011 via Dubai to Beijing, and stayed for 3 nights at the Double tree hotel in central Beijing.

27 February 2011

Full days tour to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven.

The view from our hotel window as you can see it was snowing and very cold.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square

The gates to the Forbidden City.

While we were inside the Forbidden City It was the coldest I have ever been.   It was snowing and very windy.  

The Temple of Heaven, and a very cold Jenni.


28 February 2011.

Full days tour to Badging to see part of the Great Wall, then on to the Summer Palace.



Still very cold but the sun was shining as we walked along the Great Wall.

The Great Wall

The Summer Palace with the lake frozen.

The Marble Barge set in the lake.


On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the Olympic park to see the birds nest stadium.

1 March 2011

Flew to Xian for two days, staying at the Sofitel Renmin Square.

All around the city walls were various statues, this one was made from china cups and plates.  Unfortunately my camera went straight from the airport to the hotel and these were taken on my very old iPhone hence the picture quality.


You can see what they were made from better in this one.

2 March 2011

 The Terracotta Warriors, what an experience!!!

Just rows and rows of Warriors, and the building is just so big.

The gap in the warriors is where there was a chariot, the wood had rotted away.  There was one horse and the others were being restored.


After the Terracotta Warriors we flew back to Bajing where we went aboard our ship the Diamond Princess to start our cruise.